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  • Simplicio Villarreal

She got dizzy from looking at the stars

Ons, 2018

She got dizzy from looking at the stars

as we were laying between a future and tall grass

as we forgot there was a change approaching

because we wanted nothing to change

and it has, but it didn’t.

It happened the night after we walked between the moon and Mars

the night after the wind wanted to tear us apart.

She was dancing and so was I

as we do when there is a plaza and house wine

many are the memories I have about that island

with its nightly spell that erased the earthly problems

a kind of island we visited when we forgot the path,

the path we kept on seeking yet couldn’t find

or did we ever find it? We cannot know

will we ever? Maybe it’s gone.

The ocean didn’t want much from us

it asked for clothes to be forgotten,

it asked for walls to fall

it asked for she and me to be together

to love each other, a spell that seemed to be falling from heaven.

It was orange in the morning and dark green at night

in between there was walking, collecting shells

and eating berries found on the path.

trapped in between the whispers of the ocean

we felt silent at the top of the hill

tall enough for Saturn to reach down and embrace us with its arms

It was magic, said she

It is still magic, says me

Every morning the sun rose, for us it wanted to shine

was it already shining? Or did we make it by opening our eyes?

It was she, me and a tent with dancing shadows from the trees

grass, earth, and coffee next to the sea

today was yesterday, for tomorrow is today.

it was morning, or maybe night, could have been August, or could have been May.

It was everything that had to be

as it was she and me, we were complete,

for the most part planets and their stories live only in other people’s words

locked in their minds.

For the most part, we believe what cannot see

but what does one do when a planet so impossibly away

suddenly appears at a breath’s distance from our being?

something that was only words turns into colours

something that was only tales now comes to hold us.

It was that planet, lonely yet so close

floating somewhere away from us

but on top of that hill, covered in mud

the planets came and told us what we forgot,

that nothing is as far as we might think

and if in something you can believe in, then it must be real.

To hold on tight to the feeling of being loved

to feel the caress from the skin of the drunken, dizzy girl

it was in that land where time drifted and shifted

reality came and went with the gentle roaring of the breeze

It was the dancing, the food and the wine that made us listen to the stars that night. And so we laid contempt and pleased for having found beauty in just being you and me.

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